Use a Docker container

This section describes the prerequisites for running the Docker container with the pre-installed TBSP SDKs.


The TBSP Docker SDK container enables you to interact with your TBSP instance on Google Cloud Platform without having to install applications or programs on your local development machine.

Specifically, the Docker container comes installed with the following TBSP development tools:


A working version of Docker is required.


The following video summarizes the steps required for running the TBSP Docker SDK container and shows you how to configure the container for use with your TBSP instance on Google Cloud Platform.


Set the variable $NGRT_DATA

Set the variable $NGRT_DATA as a path before running the TBSP SDK container. 

To set a variable as a path, export $NGRT_DATA to your bash profile or .zshrc file:

$  export NGRT_DATA=/Users/<HOME_DIRECTORY>/Tymlez

After setting the variable as a path, check the value of $NGRT_DATA (the command may vary by operating system):

$  echo $NGRT_DATA

Now, create the following directories:

$  mkdir /Users/<HOME_DIRECTORY>/Tymlez/sdk/
$  mkdir /Users/<HOME_DIRECTORY>/Tymlez/sdk/plugins
$  mkdir /Users/<HOME_DIRECTORY>/Tymlez/sdk/config

Pull the TBSP Docker SDK container:

docker pull

Now, run the TBSP Docker SDK container: 

docker run -t -i --rm \
--name client-sdk \
--mount type=bind,source=$NGRT_DATA/sdk/plugins,target=/home/docker/plugins \
--mount type=bind,source=$NGRT_DATA/sdk/config,target=/home/docker/.tymlez \ \

Next, proceed to configure your Docker container.

Configuring your container enables you to run different sample applications against your TBSP instance on Google Cloud Platform.

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