Prerequisites for advanced functions

This section describes the prerequisites for enabling advanced functions.


The system administrator (sysadmin) is responsible for implementing the prerequisites for the executing the advanced functions.

To access the advanced functions, the sysadmin user must first access the cluster on Google Cloud and specify the node before obtaining the password for the sysadmin user.

The node number is indicated in the Services and Ingress of the Google Cloud Platform console. In the example below, the node number is 0:


First, check if you have access to the Kubernetes cluster:

gcloud auth login

Where applicable, navigate to the link appearing in the output. Copy and paste the code shown.

Next, set the node to which the IP address is assigned:

tymlez-dev config setPodInformation --context=cloud --nodeName=<YOUR NODE NUMBER>

To obtain the passwords for the sysadmin user of the configured node, you will require these parameters:

  • cluster name
  • project ID.

By default, the namespace is set to default, and the zone is set to us-central-1a. If these are not your defaults, you must also provide the following parameters:

  • namespace
  • zone

Use the cluster where your TBSP on Google Cloud instance is running; the project ID is the name of your Google Cloud Platform project.

Run the following command:

tymlez-dev utils getPasswords --cluster=<YOUR CLUSTER NAME>  --projectId=<YOUR PROJECT ID>  --namespace=<YOUR_NAMESPACE_HERE>  --zone=<YOUR_ZONE_HERE>

The passwords for all users of this instance will then be shown in the output.

As an added security measure, the sysadmin must acquire a JWT token for first-time login:

tymlez-dev auth getJWTToken --username=sysadmin --password=<GENERATED PASSWORD FROM OUTPUT>

The system administrator user then logs in with his password to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA). EULA acceptance is required for executing advanced functions.

tymlez-dev utils acceptEula --context=cloud --accept=yes

The sysadmin user has now enabled the execution of the advanced functions for all users of the TBSP on Google Cloud system.

As a security measure, the sysadmin should also change the password after logging in for the first time:

tymlez-dev utils changePassword --username=sysadmin --oldPassword=<GENERATED_PASSWORD> --newPassword=<NEW_PASSWORD>


First, the sysadmin obtains the password of the admin user from the getPasswords output and gives the password to the admin user.

The admin user then logs in with the generated password for the admin user:

tymlez-dev auth getJWTToken --username=admin --password=<PASSWORD>

As a security measure, the admin should also change the password after logging in for the first time:

tymlez-dev utils changePassword --username=admin --oldPassword=<GENERATED_PASSWORD> --newPassword=<NEW_PASSWORD>

Next steps

The execution of the advanced functions have now been enabled.

Proceed with the next steps here.