Manual Installation of development tools (Mac OS)

This section describes the steps required for installing the TBSP development tools locally on your Mac OS machine.

Non-TBSP prerequisites

After setting up your cluster, you can install the development tools and SDKs that enable communication with TBSP on Google Cloud Platform.

First, ensure that your laptop/desktop can interact via the command line or a Javascript client with the following:

  • Git
  • a Git username and address
  • an editor/IDE of your choice, such as Visual Studio
  • Node.js (Javascript runtime), version v10.16.3. Note that a working Node environment with the specific version v10.16.3 is required.
  • JQ, a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor
  • the Google Cloud Platform Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Kubernetes. (For more information, consult the Google Cloud website.)

Once these have been installed, install the following on your local development machine:

  • the TBSP Development tools, a command line interface for basic platform operations, such as managing users or keys.
  • the Digital Asset Javascript SDK,
  • the Digital Asset Javascript SDK Samples (they show you how to use the SDK)
  • the Smart Contracts CLI.

TBSP on Google Cloud contains the Digital Asset API, which enables the secure creation and transfer of non-divisible digital assets on a distributed network.

The simplest way to use the Digital Asset API is to install the Digital Asset Javascript SDK.

To install the development tools, the SDK and its samples, follow the steps below.


The installation of the development tools creates enables you to store keys, required for creating and transferring digital assets.

To append the required environment variable, run:

export NODE_PATH=$(npm root -g)

Open a new terminal window and check if the NODE_PATH has been set:


The output should be


Install the TBSP dev tools:

npm i -g git+

Install the TBSP test dependencies:

npx tymlez-install



A ~/.tymlez/config.json file will now be generated in your home folder.

Install Digital Asset Javascript SDK

The Digital Asset Javascript SDK gives you the tools to create and transfer digital assets.

Install the Digital Asset Javascript Software Development Kit (SDK) globally:

    npm i -g git+

Clone the repo with the Javascript SDK samples

This repo contains samples that you can run with the Digital Asset Javascript SDK.

Clone the repo Digital Asset Javascript SDK Samples:

git clone

Install the Smart Contracts CLI globally

You can execute smart contracts against your TBSP on Google Cloud instance in the command line with the Smart Contracts CLI tool.

Install the Smart Contracts CLI globally:

npm i -g git+

Next, run the different sample applications against your TBSP on Google Cloud instance.

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