Get to know TBSP (video)

This video summarizes TBSP's functionalities and how you can use them.

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What is TBSP?

TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform (TBSP) is an enterprise platform for blockchain solutions, enabling rapid development, management, and deployment of (multi-)enterprise blockchain applications.

Fully scalable, the platform covers the full development spectrum for enterprises: from early Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to full production deployments. TBSP can also run on different infrastructure, such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and HPE's Blockchain in a Box (BIAB).

The TBSP stack

The TBSP platform comprises three layers: an application layer that implements your business logic and third-party integration, a services layer that implements smart contracts, digital assets, user management, key management and off-chain storage, and a network and protocol layer to enable secure blockchain participation.

Why should you use TBSP?

TBSP enables you to model, develop and deploy blockchain applications, drastically reducing development times.

Thanks to these modeling tools, rich APIs for digital asset management, and smart contracts, you can quickly implement typical use cases, such as:

  • tracking and tracing of digital assets
  • secure document handling
  • proof of existence.

How can you use TBSP?

You can develop blockchain applications and implement use cases on TBSP on Google Cloud in these specific easy ways:

  • Node-Red, a browser-based editor that enables you to create flows, such as smart contracts
  • the TBSP Digital Asset Javascript software development tool
  • or the TBSP command line development tools and smart contract tools