Getting started with TBSP on the Google Cloud Platform.

This is your starting point to setup a server and client on the TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform and the Google Cloud Platform.

Read this section for a high-level overview of the functionalities of TBSP: Core concepts 


Create a Kubernetes cluster

If you do not have a cluster, you must set up a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud Platform. Learn more in the Kubernetes section.

Deploy TBSP on Google Cloud

Learn how to deploy your TBSP instance on Google Cloud Platform on your Kubernetes cluster here.


Consult this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Kubernetes cluster and deploy TBSP on Google Cloud Platform in the newly created cluster. 


Installation and initial configuration

Configure your local machine to work with TBSP on Google Cloud to create and transfer non-divisible digital assets on a distributed network.

Sample Applications

Run various sample applications after configuring your local machine to work with the TBSP on Google Cloud instance in Sample Applications.

Advanced Topics

Want to dive deeper into TBSP? Consult the Advanced Topics page to learn about server-side set-up, securing your cluster, and accessing the database.