How do I delete a TBSP instance, a cluster, or a namespace?

To delete a TBSP instance in the Google Cloud Platform, first delete the desired services and ingresses. Then, delete the workloads of the particular instance. The particular instance is represented by a numeral, like this:


This means you will delete TBSP instance 0 from the cluster.

To delete a cluster, simply select the cluster from the Clusters section and click on the Delete symbol:


To delete a namespace, delete all the services and ingresses belonging to a specific namespace, such as default:


Then, delete the pods belonging to the namespace as well:


The namespace has now been deleted.

Alternatively, you can run the command kubectl delete namespaces <insert-some-namespace-name> to delete your namespace.

For more information about managing your cluster, pods and services, consult the Google Cloud documentation.

  • What can I do after configuring my local machine to work with TBSP on Google Cloud instance?

You will be able to execute a number of sample applications, such as track and trace of digital assets, proof of existence of a document, and triggering a smart contract. Through these samples, you create digital assets that you can transfer between different owners.

  • How can I query the database to see my blockchain transactions?

Find out how to query the pre-installed PostgreSQL database in this article.

  • Which TBSP tools are available in the Docker container or virtual machine?

The following TBSP tools are available:

    • the TBSP development tools, a command line interface for basic platform operations, such as managing users or keys.
    • the Digital Asset Javascript SDK, a software development kit that enables you to use the Digital Asset API.
    • the Digital Asset Javascript SDK Samples, containing the sample applications (they show you how to use the SDK).
    • the Smart Contracts CLI, a command line interface for smart contract operations.
    • Digital Asset CLI, a command line tool that enables you to send transactions and files to the blockchain.
  • How do I configure my Docker container/virtual machine/local development machine to execute sample applications against my TBSP on Google Cloud instance?

Follow the steps described in the prerequisite steps.