Develop using the Docker SDK container

This article describes how you can develop inside the Docker SDK container.


Note that you need a running Docker SDK container to be able use this feature.

You can use the Visual Studio Code Remote - Containers extension to develop within the Docker SDK container.

With this extension, you can open any folder inside or mounted into the Docker SDK container and use Visual Studio Code as a development environment.

Use the extension

In Visual Studio Code, navigate to the extensions tab and look for the Remote Development Extension Pack add-on for Visual Studio Code. This extension enables you to to open any folder in a container or on a remote machine.

After installing the add-in, click the Remote Host icon on the bottom left-hand corner and select Remote Connection: Attach to Running Container.

Then select the container to which you'd like to attach VS Code:

It will open a new window containing the files of your Docker SDK container:

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