Deploy your TBSP instance in a Kubernetes Cluster

TBSP on the Google Cloud Platform can only be deployed on an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Ensure that a cluster has been created before proceeding with the following steps.

Service account

To deploy your TBSP on Google Cloud instance, you require a GCP service account. Learn more here.

Deploy your TBSP on Google Cloud instance:

Once the cluster has been created, click on Deploy:


You'll be taken to the applications page:


Once the instance has been deployed, you'll see this screen:


Exposing the external endpoints of your TBSP node

After creating your cluster, activating your service account and deploying TBSP on Google Cloud, you can obtain the IP address of a desired TBSP node.

In the Google Cloud Platform UI, navigate to Kubernetes Engine > Services & Ingress:


Select the tbsp validator/instance node for which you want to expose the external endpoints:


Click on the desired node and then click Edit. You'll be taken to a YAML page:


Change the property in line 34 for type from Cluster IP to LoadBalancer.

Save and exit.

Navigate back to the Services and Ingress page. Wait until the external endpoints have been generated.


The external endpoints look like this:


Copy and paste the external endpoints of the node in the configuration steps.