This section is meant for users who are not using the TBSP SDK Docker container or virtual machine to communicate with their TBSP on Google Cloud instance.

If you're using a local development machine to directly communicate with TBSP on Google Cloud, run these commands in a local terminal session before you begin:

echo "alias track='node ng-rt-digitalAsset-sdk-samples/examples/usecases/track_and_trace.js '" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias proof='node ng-rt-digitalAsset-sdk-samples/examples/usecases/proof_of_existence.js'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias proofFileUpload='node ng-rt-digitalAsset-sdk-samples/examples/usecases/proof_of_existence_with_fileUpload.js '" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias energyOneDay='node ng-rt-digitalAsset-sdk-samples/examples/usecases/one-day-energy_trading.js '" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias newContext='function _newCtx(){ tymlez-dev config setContext --defaultContext=$1; };_newCtx'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias setUrl='function _setUrl(){ tymlez-dev config setServerUrl --serverUrl=$1; };_setUrl'" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias generateKeyPair='tymlez-dev config generateKeyPair'" >> ~/.bashrc

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