Advanced topics

Curious about the architecture of each TBSP node? Do you want to customize your TBSP on GCP instance or to see the transactions in the database? You'll find answers in the articles below.


Learn about the architecture behind each TBSP node.

Server-side installation

Before using TBSP on Google Cloud, you will need to set up a Kubernetes cluster. Find out how in the Kubernetes setup section.


Carry out these prerequisites to enable the execution of advanced functions here.

Other advanced functions

Generate an app key for Digital Asset by following the steps in the other advanced functions section.


Find out how to connect to the pre-configured PostgreSQL database in the Database section.


Use Velerio to back up and restore your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. For more information, consult the Velerio website.

Smart contracts in Node-RED

Smart contracts are currently written in Node-RED. Find out how to modify them in Node-RED.


Find out how to use metrics for your TBSP instance in the Metrics article.

Develop with the Docker SDK container

FInd out how you can use the Docker SDK container for development purposes here

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